Ed’s Barber Shop

Hi everyone! Here is a shoot I have just completed of my barber’s shop. It is an amazing place as you can see.

His theme is one of Fairies! Not quite the norm for a barber shop, but very well executed and a fun place to visit.

The combination of NEON lights and Diamond Deck plating is an expensive way to decorate as I hope you can see from the images below. Ed tells me this is still a work in progress, he says he is an expressive guy, well Ed, carry on and good luck!

Neon lights at the ceiling, and under deck green lighting at floor level!
Ed’s pet dog Chip has an armored house!
Hand made barrel drum and Fairy Village on display!
Ed giving me a trim!
Another barrel drum in-progress! Beautiful art work!
Close-up of Fairy Village
Only some of the details in the Fairy Village, Amazing!

OK! The amount of effort to create this is unbelievable. A very well done job Ed! You can find Ed’s shop at : 24 Oriskany Blvd. Yorkville Plaza Yorkville, NY 13495