Silver Colored Collector Plate with Aluminum Image Insert

Beautiful Sterling Silver Look, (but not, since you don’t have to polish the plate!) will allow you to display your most cherished image in your home.


The image is first applied to an Aluminum disc separate from the plate for a very rich color palate. It is then permanently bonded to the plate with a 3M super adhesive.


Collector plate comes with One (1) easel display stand as shown below.


These silver-colored Collector Plates are  Ten (10) inches in diameter. They are highly reflective resembling sterling silver, but without all the work! The center image area is Seven and One-Half  (7.5) inches in diameter.

The plate comes complete with easel stand as shown above.

Whether we have taken the photo professionally or, you send one of your designs for a DIY project you are working on, we can imprint the plate for you. Yes, we can use your cell phone images too, to commemorate any occasion you wish to remember!

The images are applied using the Dye Sublimation process at 400 F and are infused into the surface of an Aluminum disc, which is then permanently bonded to the center of the plate with a super 3M adhesive.     Since this is not painted on, it allows the image to be nearly impervious to scratching.

NOTE:   Meant for display only, these plates are NOT microwave, or dishwasher safe, due to the metalized silver coating, and the Aluminum disc used in their construction.

The best images for this type of project are where the main subject can fit in a circular shape. Please contact us if you have any doubts as to whether an image will work or not, we will be very happy to work closely with you. The image used above, of the nighttime portrait of this competition car, was originally rectangular. We can even send you a proof for your approval before the plate is made!

Any quantity is OK!  The price listed below is for a “One of” Plate. Quantity discounts are available as well. Contact us for more information.

2018 Pricing:     Price Each (1) Ten inch Silver Colored Collector Plate     $  40.00                                                                                                              Complete with Easel Stand

Please allow for NY Sales Tax and   $6.00 flat rate packaging and shipping.